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    Instcom Technologies Co., Ltd.

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    Instcom is the leading information technology provider. Instcom focus on the software development of communication, computer and internet, provides the products and services of communication, computer, internet and e-commerce for the people and companies.

    Instcom - Instant Communication Anytime, Anywhere.

    1. Instcom's Products, Services

    Worldful is the leading marketplace for world trade and is the well-known e-commerce provider. Worldful is the preferred destination for buyers and sellers to find trade opportunities and promote their businesses online. is the leading cloud computing provider. focus on Saas, PaaS and so on.

    Instcom Messenger System is the leading online call center system.

    2. Instcom Culture

    Since Instcom's inception, a strong company culture based on Instcom's shared value system has served as the cornerstone of the Instcom Corporation. Our business success and rapid growth has been built on the spirit of entrepreneurship, innovation, and an unwavering focus on meeting the needs of our customers. The Instcom Corporation has two core values which govern everything we do and are an important part of the company's DNA. Our tow core values are codified in our company's management systems for hiring, training, and performance evaluation.


    To be the world's leading information technologies company.


    To make communication easier.

    Shared Values

    Technologies + Services = Worth, Integrity + Cooperation = Winn (All-win).
    Company Profile
    Instcom Technologies Co., Ltd.

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    Business Type: Manufacturer
    Main Markets: Worldwide
    Products/Services Offered: Communications, Computer, Software, Internet Services, E-Commerce Services, Advertising and so on.
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